About Kettle Moraine Coatings, Inc.

Our Primary Focus

Our primary focus is custom coating. That's all we do. Therefore, we have a unique understanding of what it takes to service our customers and their production schedules. In a business where timing is critical, we understand the coating process and what it takes to do the job right.

We are one of the few coating companies that offer three (3) different types of coating techniques to fill a wide range of finishing needs. We also have multiple production lines for each process which not only adds to our flexibility in scheduling, but also allows us to run your part with optimal efficiency and provide you with extremely competitive pricing.

Quality POLICY

Kettle Moraine Coatings is committed to provide defect-free products on time and to the satisfaction of our customers through continuous improvement.

Pre-wash Process

Before any coating is applied, all parts are washed in a multi-stage treatment process. This process removes oil and surface dirt and prepares the surface to insure that your coating will provide the maximum protection possible.

Durable / Cost Effective Process

Known throughout the industry, powder coating provides one of the most durable finishes. In addition, because the powder paint can be reclaimed, we minimize waste and maintain a cost effective product.

Environmentally Safe

Rest assured that the rapid growth of powder painting, hot dip plastisol, and fluid bed coating is due much in part to the environmentally friendly characteristics of the materials and methods of applications.