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Fluid Bed Powder Coating
Fluid Bed Powder Coating

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Our fluid bed powder coating services at Kettle Moraine Coatings, Inc. provide an efficient and economical way to coat wire goods, sound dampening components, and a variety of other parts. The most commonly used materials we use for fluid bed coating include thermoplastics, PVC, nylon, and polyethylene and thermoset epoxy. These coatings provide a high level of corrosion, abrasion resistance and electric insulation while giving parts an aesthetically pleasing finish.

Fluid bed coating leaves a thicker coating on parts than electrostatic spray coating. The nominal coating thicknesses range from 0.007” to 0.040” overall although the high end obtainable will vary some with each resin system.

In this process the parts are first cleaned if necessary. Following this the parts are racked and if necessary a primer is applied. A primer is needed in some cases to get adhesion of the coating. The parts are then preheated. The hot parts are then immersed in an aerated bed of powder or fluid bed. The heat of the powder melts the powder onto the parts which then becomes the coating. Following dipping the parts may be post-heated. With Thermoplastics this is just to complete the melting process if needed. The same is true with Thermosets but with them a cure is also needed.

A multitude of colors and effects can be obtained. There will be some variation of what specifically can be obtained with each resin system. If we do not stock the color or effect desired there may be a charge to cover the material needed to fill the fluid bed or tank. This can be several hundred pounds of powder. Often there are minimum order quantities on custom products.

Normally with the fluid bed process the entire part is coated. When a part is only partially dipped the coating does not stop with an exact line. There is a "splashing" or "bubbling" look at the cutoff point.

Masking can be used to protect threaded areas. While masking of other spots on parts can be done, because of the heats involved and the thickness of the coatings applied, this can be challenging and add significant cost.

Things to consider – Parts coated or what might be on them (for example – plating) need to be able to withstand the heat the parts will see in the process – particularly the preheat. This will vary some with the resin system but preheat temperatures can run as high as 750 degrees F. Also the process works best with parts that have more simple geometries.

As an experienced coater, we can assist customers in selecting the ideal process for their application. The volume, size, and application of the part all play an important role in selecting the optimal processing method. Prior to coating, all parts are thoroughly washed using a multistep process to ensure that the substrate is properly prepared to accept the coating material. After coating, parts are cured under tightly controlled conditions dependent on the material. Standard ASTM testing, including cross-hatch and pencil hardness testing, can be performed to verify conformance to customer specifications.

We are ISO 9001:2008 certified, certified by Caterpillar, and an Axalta (formerly DuPont) Star Coater. Multiple types of shipping and fulfillment services are available including JIT shipping and Kanban management. Pick-up and delivery is available to regional customers and parts can be carefully packed and shipped nationwide. For more information about our fluid bed powder coating services, see the table below, or contact us directly.

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Fluid Bed Powder Coating Capabilities

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0.007" to 0.040"
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