Large Volume Stampings for Military Shipping in Hot Dip Plastisol

Large Volume Hot Dip Plastisol Stampings
Large Volume Hot Dip Plastisol Stampings

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In the project highlighted here, Kettle Moraine Coatings, Inc. helped a manufacturer with a large scale project that needed a cost effective finishing solution. The stamped brackets shown below were manufactured for use as shipping supports for a defense industry application. As an item for military use, they also came with stringent requirements. The customer’s specifications called out a matte black plastisol coating between .030” and .050” thick. The various dimensions of the parts posed issues for consistent coating; however, our expertise in this type of finishing allowed us to achieve tolerances of ±.010”.

Effectively applying plastisol requires consistent process parameters such as temperature and curing to ensure maximum adhesion. This means complete control over heating, quick transfer to dipping, and controlled curing temperature and time. Our facility is well-equipped with equipment and personnel to provide high-quality plastisol coating services. We can also accommodate some of the most complete and comprehensive test and inspection requirements. However, what sets us apart, in this case, is our ability to turn over a large number of parts with quick lead times. This bracket represents an ongoing project, coated in volumes that range from 80,000 to 100,000 parts per year, with orders being released with one week lead times.

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Large Volume Hot Dip Plastisol Stampings Project Highlights

Project Name & Description
Stampings for boxes for shipping military equipment
Capabilities Applied/Processes
Hot Dip Plastisol
Equipment Used
Racking & Dipping Machine
Part Dimensions
Coating Thickness
Tightest Tolerances
±.010" thickness
Material Used
Material Finish
Matte black plastisol
Industry for Use
Military Shipping
In Process Testing/Inspection Performed
Visual Inspection
80,000-100,000 pcs/year
Delivery/Turnaround Time
1 week
Delivery Location
Janesville, WI
Standards Met
Customer Specification

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