Hot Dip Plastisol Coating Services

Hot Dip Plastisol Coating
Hot Dip Plastisol Coating

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At Kettle Moraine Coatings, Inc., we provide hot dip plastisol coating of multiple sizes and types of products. Plastisol is a versatile thermoplastic coating with very desirable insulating and protective properties. In addition, plastisol provides an ergonomic gripping surface for tools, fittings, and equipment handles.

The nominal thickness range of a hot dip plastisol coating is approximately 30-60 mils. This is thick enough to cover small burrs in metal parts and provide adequate cushioning for hooks, clamps, and other material handling equipment. It is unlikely we can coat to a thickness under 25 mils. On the other hand thickness as high as 90-125 mils can be obtained with the right part to coat.

A multitude of colors are available to choose from and we can provide various finishes: smooth, textured, glossy or matte, and foam. If a color or effect we do not stock is desired there may be a charge to cover the material needed to fill a tank.

Prior to dipping, parts are cleaned if necessary. To obtain good adhesion a primer normally needs to be applied. Once racked the parts are preheated and then dipped in the liquid plastisol to the depth desired. The heat of the parts causes the liquid to solidify into the coating. After this the parts are post-heated to complete the hardening or fusing process.

Since the coating application is a dip process into a liquid, it is typically easy to only coat a desired area of the part. Masking can be used to protect threaded areas but in general significant masking may not be practical in this process.

We offer multiple coating services including electrostatic and fluid bed powder coating to allow customers to choose the coating material and process that ideally suits their needs. Our facility is very adaptable to various sizes, types and volumes of components, allowing us to service a wide variety of customers.

Regional pick-up and delivery services are available and turnaround times are very fast. To further expedite the process, JIT shipping or Kanban programs can be set up according to customer needs. Our dedication to customer service is evident in our ISO 9001:2008 Certification. WE are also certified by Caterpillar and are an Axalta (formerly Dupont) Star Coater. Customers in the automotive, appliance, and other manufacturing industries count on us to provide premium quality, on time coating services. For more information about our hot dip plastisol coating services, see the table below, or contact us directly.

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Hot Dip Plastisol Coating Capabilities

Plastisol Coating
Coating Methods
Hot Dip
Material Characteristics
Tactile Grip
Processing Method
Nominal Coating Thickness
30-60 mils
Pre-Coat Washing & Treatment
Descaling - Laser Scale Removal
Iron Phosphate Wash
Transition Metal Wash
Additional Services
Fluid Bed Powder Coating
Electrostatic Powder Coating
Delivery & Fulfillment
JIT Shipping
Kanban Management
Regional Pick up & Delivery
Nationwide Shipping
Production Volume
Low Volume
High Volume
Lead Time
Quoted on a Job by Job Basis

Additional Information

Industry Focus
Heavy Equipment
Industry Standards
ISO 9001:2008 Certified
Powder Coating Institute
Axalta Star Coater

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